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This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

25,000 breaths, 20,000 thoughts, shedding dead skin cells, keeping you from choking, yeah! Your body does all this and more in just one day. Magical right? It is capable of taking care of you without you even lifting a finger. Well, for the most part. Your body can’t always do this without you. You still need to give it the right food and nutrition to kickstart the important functions.

Now, what do we mean by the “right” food and nutrition?

Your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients such as the phytonutrients and the micronutrients to be able to function at full throttle. From creating your red blood cells to digesting your food, these tiny but very important things really help your body function the way it is supposed to. Now, your body is really smart. (Remember, we called it magic?) When you feed it, the digestive tract and its enzymes separate and segment nutrients based on what is required where. Once it has taken what it needs, it throws the rest away as waste. Now, when we say waste, your mind instantly makes you think, “oh, dumpster”. But it is essential to remember your body has no dumpster and nowhere to store all this excess waste.

The average diet today is exceedingly processed and hence misses important micronutrients that your body needs. Food today is no longer the powerhouse of nutrients it once used to be. Here is where the billion-dollar supplement industry makes all its bucks. But, before you decide to jump on the pill bandwagon, it is important to know what these do to your body.

Most pills use quantities and qualities of nutrients that aren’t necessarily beneficial to your body. Remember we said, your body only keeps what it needs and throws the rest away as waste? Well, in most cases your body only uses a very small percent of the number of nutrients that a single supplement pill puts into your body. To put a number to this, only perhaps 50mg of a nutrient is absorbed in your body but some pills boast of quantities over 500mg.

Do you know what happens to the stuff that your body doesn’t need? It places pressure on your liver before it finally gets excreted. We cannot STRESS enough on the amount of STRESS that it puts on your liver! Your liver is one of the most underappreciated and the most overworked organ in your body. It controls the metabolic processes, produces and regulates hormones, removes toxins from your body, creates bile for digestive functions, assimilates proteins into enzymes, carbs into sugars and also helps with the absorption of vitamins and minerals in your body. So when you over-vitamize your body, the stress of elimination and storage of these vitamins comes on your liver!

That said, supplementing isn’t exactly evil. They are life-savers when used correctly and in quantities that your body can absorb completely. The “right” quantity of every nutrient is ever so important. So read those labels, research papers, and read more about this in our ideology section here and allow your body to really just function the way it is supposed to, without putting the kind of stress that we all tend to put on it.

Just to reiterate, your body is really smart, it knows exactly how much to take from what you feed it. So even if you did feed it all the nutrients in the world, it will only take what it needs. Our sugar free dark chocolates have been researched and use quantities of actives that are only slightly higher than your body can actually absorb. No marketing gimmicks and no lies! And since it was smaller quantities that we had to go with, we decided to make even the small quantities count. We upped the potency, isolated the right bioactives so they worked the way we wanted them to and made the impact that we intend them to make.

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