Happy World Health Day - My Health, My Right!

Happy World Health Day - My Health, My Right!

This article has been researched and written by Dr Shefali Thakkar - Product R&D Head - Arelang Naturals®.


This year’s theme for World Health Day was chosen to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions, and freedom from discrimination.

As a health-first company, we strive to be an integral part of this year’s revolution by contributing to its fundamental goals. And here's how we plan to do it:


Health is a fundamental right, and at Caim, we take this very seriously. Our commitment to quality health drives us to provide ingredients that are not only potent and safe but also easily absorbed by the body. We achieve this by exclusively using plant-based ingredients in all our active formulations, as well as for our non-active ingredients.

While addressing nutrient deficiencies, we unknowingly consume harmful ingredients like sugar, or disguised carbohydrates and sugars like maltodextrin, corn syrup, glucose syrup and even the non vegetarian gelatin which are common ingredients found in traditional gummy supplements.

But at Caim, we do things differently. We believe that it would be counter productive to wrap good health with unhealthy ingredients that the body has no alternative but to assimilate.

Let's take our Replenish gummies range for instance. They are made from apple juice concentrate using a natural vegetarian plant-based gelling agent called pectin, ensuring you get your essential nutrients without any unnecessary additives, chemical or harmful ingredients. So when we say NO SUGAR and NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, we mean NO added sugar, corn syrups, glucose syrups, liquid glucose, no maltodextrin which may not be categorised as a sugar, but has a glycemic index 3 times that of sugar! And when we say all natural plant based ingredients - that's exactly what we will give you - all for the price of just 5 calories per gummy!

Our plant-based products support the body's natural mechanisms. The Replenish with Greens gummies enhance and harness the body's natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, promoting optimal flexibility, elasticity, and hydration. As opposed to traditional collagen gummies that give your body ready collagen from non vegetarian sources, that not only retard the body’s natural functioning but also bring your body to a certain dependency on the external sources of collagen. If your body has the ability to make collagen efficiently, Caim helps enhance that function so your body continues to work all its processes at its optimal.

By championing the right to quality health, we strive to develop powerful, effective plant-based products that enhance your overall bodily functions.


At Caim, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with myth free and accurate knowledge about their body and advocating for simple, holistic solutions by making small shifts in lifestyle and educating individuals on how addressing the root cause of any issue can help their body rather than chasing symptomatic cures. Lets take for example, understanding the changes a woman's body undergoes over time, especially with regards to the hormonal fluctuations that influences them at every age and every stage of their life.

From puberty to menopause and beyond, hormonal imbalances manifest in diverse ways, from acne, irregular cycles and menstrual cramps to hot flashes and sleep disturbances.

These symptoms often stem from one common underlying issue: hormonal imbalance. Rather than addressing the individual symptoms, which most health practitioners do, our product, Rekindle for Women, tackles the root cause of all the symptoms by simply helping the body to rebalance the hormone levels naturally. With ingredients like shatavari, flaxseed, and black cohosh that have been used through ages and known for its rich phytoestrogens, Rekindle for Women offers comprehensive relief throughout a woman's hormonal ups and downs.

By prioritising education and advocating for a more holistic approach, we aim to empower our consumers to understand and address the root cause of their concerns, rather than seek counsel for individual symptoms across various doctors.

Our goal is to provide not just a product but a pathway to comprehensive well-being, reducing the need for frequent doctor visits or medications and giving them the confidence in managing their own health more proactively. With this knowledge, we aspire to make a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of women everywhere!


Access to clear information is essential for everyone, especially about what one is putting into their bodies for ‘better health’. These days, there is almost like an outbreak of products available in the market for various health needs, making it hard for anyone to pick the right one, without knowing all the details on their ingredients, the purpose and the science behind the formulations.

Regulatory bodies like FSSAI, or FDA have decisive guidelines for companies to list their ingredients. But many products on the shelves today only list the main ingredients, leaving out the other important and sometimes even the harmful ingredients used, under the guise of "OTHER INGREDIENTS."

And did you know that even Ayush - a regulatory body in India for Ayurvedic, Yogic, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy healing products, does not make it mandatory for companies to declare all the ingredients on their labels or even whether they come from non vegetarian sources? Shocking!? Most companies take their products under Ayush registrations, so they don't have to declare all the excipients that are added and would not ordinarily be allowed under FSSAI regulations.

Consumers have the right to know if the regulatory icons displayed on such product labels hold credence with the regulations. This matters a lot for products that might make you dependent. Take sleep supplements, for example. Most of them have synthetic lab made melatonin, to help you sleep. But using these for a long time can mess up your body's ability to produce its natural melatonin, making the body rely on external sources for their requirements. And guess what? None of this is mentioned on the labels.

Caim’s Restore Your Sleep finds a natural fix. Instead of adding melatonin, we use ingredients like black walnut, which naturally has a compound called tryptophan that helps the body produce its own melatonin. Now your body continues to make its own melatonin, without getting dependent on the external synthetic melatonin. By using Restore your Sleep, you are making your body self reliant - exactly how nature intended for you!

And our labels? They give you all the information you need to make informed decisions. We're big on being open, so if you ever need more details, we'll gladly provide extra information through flyers or even free consultations with our doctors and scientists. With all the facts, you have the right to pick what's right for you, confidently!


While we all acknowledge the irreplaceable value of a balanced diet, it's important to recognize that good nutrition extends beyond just putting the basic macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats, fibre, and protein into your body. It's about providing your body with the essential micronutrients required for its widely understated but yet extremely important metabolic processes.

With more than 18 vital micronutrients that the body solely obtains from food, consuming a well-rounded diet supplemented with these micronutrients is crucial for maintaining optimal health, especially in today's changing climate and amidst ongoing infections or diseases.

That's where our Replenish with Phytos gummies comes in. They're formulated to offer the most bioavailable and nutrient-rich form of micronutrients and immunity boosters. Packed with potent ingredients like blueberries, goji berries, lycopene, and more, these gummies provide a delicious and convenient way to consume essential nutrients, all with just 5 calories per gummy.

This is our way of contributing to good nutrition—by providing the body with the right nutrients in the right quantities that it requires for giving you optimal health. Eventually, as an individual, each one must have the right to choose what is best for their health and in order to make that choice, they must be given all the information so their decision is an informed decision. That's where our contributions to the new age of health will come from!

Empower yourself on World Health Day: Remember, 'My Health, My Right.' Take charge of your well-being, advocate for your rights to access quality healthcare, and prioritise self-care. Your health is your greatest asset, so make informed choices, seek support when needed, and embrace a life of vitality and wellness. Together, let's ensure that everyone, everywhere has the right to health!


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