New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!

This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

As the year closes, each one of us crawls back into the alleys of the year gone to analyze what went wrong, what we could have done better, and how we will make all the changes to our life, personality, and habits in the new year. Fresh day and fresh page! As we surge into the new year, most of us fall off track before the end of January from the whole list of resolutions we started the year with. Result - we feel defeated, make excuses for falling off the wagon and we are back to square one. Learnings - Resolutions are nothing but us setting ourselves up for failure to hold them through. The truth of the matter is that while most resolutions we make are unrealistic and unsustainable, they are setting us up for failure. Think about it, if you really wanted to change something about yourself, would you really wait for the 31st of December to resolve a change? So read on to get our take on the whole NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. We believe that instead of starting each year with a promise to completely reinvent our inherent selves, do you not think it is better to just add some more sprinkles of color to your fabulous personality and become a slightly better version of who you are?

Resolutions are fine but Goals are better.

If you're making a resolution this year, it's likely because you want to make changes in your life or your behaviour. But any resolution is only as good as the effort you put into them. They aren't actionable and don't have much value if they're not quantifiable—which means that they will either be forgotten or never achieved. Result - failure!

Anabolic On the other hand, goals are far better than resolutions because they take time and effort to achieve (and if they don't please remember: "If at first, you don't succeed...try and try again"). Goals should also be measurable so that we can track our progress toward them—and when we do accomplish one of our goals, we'll feel pride in ourselves for having done so!

Why do we set goals?

You can be the only one that knows your reason for setting a goal. Here are some of the most common reasons people set goals:

  1. To achieve something. Maybe you want to lose weight, or maybe it's just getting into better shape. Maybe it’s making more money, being nicer, and being more considerate around others—whatever your reason for setting a goal is, this will help with motivation (and self-discipline).
  2. To improve yourself in some way. If you don't need any external proof that what you're doing is working well enough at this point in time then maybe look back at old photos and see how far your life has come since then! Most importantly though: if there are things that could be better about yourself then those should also become part of your resolution too!

Goals should not be about money or losing weight

You know that feeling when you're eating a bag of chips and someone opens the door? That's how we feel all the time now. When we were younger, our goal was to get rich or lose weight. As we grow older (and still not rich), our goals are much more personal—to improve my life and help others improve theirs as well. The first goal should be to stop worrying about money and start thinking about what kind of people we want to be in this world: generous, kindhearted, and caring towards others on every level possible. This means no more spending than what's comfortable for us! It also means no more being afraid of failure because then there will be no room for growth either... which can lead us into another negative cycle where we fail over and over again until we give up completely!

Your goals should be about self-improvement and self-care, like better food and nutrition.

You cannot pour out of an empty cup. This should be written on a large piece of paper and stuck in every corner of your house. If your body isn’t functioning properly and at full capacity, scientifically, it will be unable to do basic things for you like give you stamina, energy, and stress-free days to really work towards your goals. Good food and nutrition, as cliche as it sounds, are the building blocks of your everyday life. They are fuel for your body and its many systems and processes. And the stress is on the word ‘good’. Without quality nutrition, your body doesn’t absorb as much as it needs and ends up being in a deficit leading to a host of illnesses, a lack of energy, a lack of motivation, a lowered immunity, and a worsening mood.

Do not reinvent yourself every new year. Resolve to add to yourself as a person as opposed to trying to change who you are.

What are you going to do differently this year? You might not be able to make a resolution that lasts past New Year's Day, but if you're looking for some tips on how to make a positive change for yourself in 2023, here are some ideas:

  1. Resolve not to reinvent yourself every new year. Resolve instead to add more value and meaning into your life by making improvements in self-care practices and nutrition habits—and don't forget about exercise!
  2. If losing weight is part of your goal for 2023, try focusing on improving food quality rather than just quantity. Eating better foods will not only keep hunger at bay while also helping control cravings, but will also ensure your body's systems and processes work at full throttle. Although, this is easier said than done.
  3. Food today is not the powerhouse that it once was. This means the same quantity of food doesnt give you the food and nutrients that it once used to. We need to eat more and more food to meet our bodies' daily nutrient requirements. When we start seeing deficiencies and supplementing with over-the-counter pills we end up pumping our body with synthetic hormones, vitamins, and minerals that cause us more harm than good. So you fall ill again and systems and processes start failing. AGAIN. So this year, let’s resolve to only put into our body what is worth serving to the gods. Because our body is our temple. Let’s resolve to eat better and get supplements made of natural plant-based ingredients that give your body only as much as it needs to sustain and live a healthy and hearty life.

Since it’s that time of the year again and everyone is gearing up for the year to come or crying about how fast the year went by, planning year-end parties, and setting resolutions that may, or may not be achievable, it is imperative that you know:

What's better than a new year?

A fresh start. If you set goals, they should be about self-improvement - small changes to get to a better version of you. As we all know, setting goals is hard and it can be easy to get caught up in the moment. Don’t worry though, remember that even if we are already on the 1st of January, you have the whole year to grow, goal and glory! We have plenty more time to work on our lives and make them better than ever before. If this post helped you decide on your resolutions for 2023 then do keep following through on those goals!

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