It’s time to get real! How many of you actually manage to get even a portion of green and leafy vegetables into your body in a day? Hmm, don’t answer that.
All of us have been schooled about the importance of eating our greens! “Eat your greens!” “Why haven’t you eaten the green beans that I’ve served you!”, are phrases that sound familiar. 
Adatogens are non-toxic plant compounds that help your body fight stress. These are not fruits or vegetables, but compounds extracted from medicinal herbs and roots.
It’s mean, it’s nasty, it’s inevitable, it’s your menopause! Growing up is fun and games until you’ve hit your 40s and 50s and life throws a curveball at you.
Menopause? Me? What? What in the world does this even mean! I’m a man! But yeah, no matter how much you exclaim, male menopause is a real thing.