Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep
Restore Sleep

Restore Sleep


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Chocolates for a Restful Night's Sleep | Natural Sleep Aid | Improves Sleep Cycles

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Keto Friendly
No Artifical Ingredients
Gluten Free
sugar free options
No Melatonin

SAVE 23% on MRP of Rs. 1797/- (300g - 10g x 30 units)
Dark Chocolate | Keto friendly | No Dairy | No Eggs | Vegetarian | Sugar Free| Calorie Conscious | Gluten Free


• No synthetic melatonin used.

• Boosts natural melatonin production

• Relaxes your brain and reduces anxiety.

• Prolongs the deep sleep stage.

• Reboots the circadian rhythm.

• Non-habit forming

• Helps with jet lag, insomnia, sleep disorders

• Walnuts that are rich in free Melatonin and Tryptophans that induce the production of natural Melatonin in the body

• Passionflower which calms and relaxes the mind.

• Nutmeg and St John’s Wort which are rich sources of Serotonin.

• Valerian Root that influences the Circadian Rhythm giving you a restful night of deep sleep.

*INGREDIENTS - Walnut | Valerian Root Extract | St. John's Wort | Passionflower | Nutmeg.
*HOW TO CONSUME: 1 chocolates 30 minutes before bedtime.

*Suited for 13 years an above.

*Restore your Sleep – Dark Chocolates for Deep Sleep, is India’s 1st Pro-Melatonin sleep formulation created without using any synthetic Melatonin. A powerful synergistic blend of herbs that not only help in boosting the production of natural melatonin in the body, but also in improving the quality of sleep. Our NON MELATONIN formulation not only help inducing sleep faster, but also helps you relax and finally prolongs the time you spend in your NREM sleep without the help of any synthetic Melatonin.


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