Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep

Restore Your Sleep


Net Weight: 300g = 10g x 30 Units | 1 Month Supply

Chocolates for a Restful Night's Sleep | Natural Sleep Aid | Improves Sleep Cycles

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Keto Friendly
No Artifical Ingredients
Gluten Free
sugar free options
No Melatonin

No Synthetic Melatonin | No Added Dairy | Soft-Centered Dark Chocolate
No Added Sugar | Non Habit Forming | No Alcohol

One chocolate 30 minutes before bedtime for Deep Sleep!

Recommended for Adults

Our body needs sleep, just as it needs air and food to function at its best. When you sleep, the body heals itself and restores its chemical balances, regenerates cells and tissue. The brain forges new thought connections and helps memory retention. Without enough sleep, the brain and body systems cannot function normally. It can also dramatically lower the quality of life. Some of the immediate signs of sleep deprivation are excessive drowsiness, frequent yawning, irritability, and fatigue.

When life becomes busier, the first thing that gets on the backburner is how many hours we sleep. That is more than just waking up groggy and cranky. A lack of good quality and “good” hours of sleep causes this mechanism to malfunction.

This results in:

  • Memory Issues
  • Mood Fluctuation
  • Weakened Immunity
  • Poor Balance
  • PCOD
  • Weight Fluctuation
  • Risk of heart disease
  • Drowsiness throughout the day
  • Risk of Diabetes

Restore Your Sleep is a Vanilla Bourbon flavoured, center-filled dark chocolate bite made with the perfect blend of all natural, plant-based ingredients that help boost natural melatonin production in the body. Unlike melatonin gummies, these pro melatonin sleep chocolates use no added synthetic melatonin. They help:

  • Boost natural melatonin production
  • Relax your brain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Boost serotonin (Required to induce sleep)
  • Prolong the deep sleep stage
  • Reboot the circadian rhythm
  • Inhibit sensories by working on the GABA pathway
  • Give you essential fatty acids

We recommend one chocolate 30 minutes before bedtime, to enjoy the best slumber party of your life.

Vanilla Bourbon : These pro melatonin chocolate supplements for sleep have a mouthwatering dark chocolate ganache center with a smooth, sweet vanilla filling that has been blended with a woody, oaky smoky flavour.
There is no use of alcohol in the preparation or any ingredients in this product.

Sleep is one of the most critical factors that contribute to the healthy functioning of the human mind and body. As with most issues in the body, lack of good quality and quantity of sleep stems from a lack of nutrients in your body. Our sleep formulation in the form of delectable dark chocolate bites boosts natural melatonin production, unlike other melatonin sleep supplements that use synthetic melatonin. When your body can naturally produce melatonin, our goal is to ensure and encourage it to continue doing that!

If you are looking for chocolates that help you sleep, you have reached your destination. Our formulation helps you relax, induce sound sleep and finally prolong the time you spend in your NREM stage 3 sleep phase. With ingredients like Walnuts that are rich in Free Melatonin and Tryptophans and induce the production of Melatonin, Passionflower which calms you down and relaxes your brain, Nutmeg and St John’s Wort which are rich sources of Serotonin, and Valerian Root that influences the circadian rhythm giving you a restful night’s sleep.

These ingredients work synergistically in a 3 prong approach to your body:

  • On your GABA pathways to help induce a feeling of peace, relaxation, and calmness.
  • By encouraging and increasing the natural production of melatonin in the pineal gland in your brain, thereby regulating your body’s circadian rhythm.
  • By allowing your body to remain longer in the NREM stage 3 sleep phase. It is during this stage that your cells are repaired and rebuilt, hormones are secreted to promote bone and muscle growth, and your immunity is strengthened.

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Who is this for?

If you find it difficult to fall asleep every night and are counting sheep till the wee hours, this product is for you. If you are yawning and lethargic in the middle of the day, this product is for you. If you wake up tired most mornings, this product is for you. If you want to sleep better and conquer the world, you are in the right place and this product most certainly is for you!

These supplements for sleep are beneficial for all of us adults who don't get enough nutrients from food to maintain appropriate levels of melatonin and serotonin. Instead of pumping the body with synthetic melatonin, these pro-melatonin sleep chocolates aim to kickstart natural melatonin production in your body. Remember, the aim is to ensure your body functions the way it needs to. With natural plant-based ingredients, in the right quantities and quality, Restore Your Sleep is the best sleep supplement in India meant to give you sound sleep and more productive and healthy days, weeks and years. Go get your chocolate for sleep.



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