Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep
Restore Your Sleep

Restore Your Sleep


Net Weight: 300g = 10g x 30 Units | 1 Month Supply

Chocolates for Deep, Restful Sleep | No Synthetic Melatonin | Non-Habit forming | Natural Sleep Aid | Improves Sleep Cycles | Knock out sleep in 30-45 mins | Safe and Effective | Fresh Mornings

Restore your Sleep – Dark Chocolates for Deep Sleep, is India’s 1st Pro-Melatonin sleep formulation created using NO Synthetic Melatonin. A powerful synergistic blend of herbs that not only helps in boosting the production of natural melatonin in the body, but also improves quality of sleep.

No Synthetic Melatonin
Dr. Recommended
Clinically Proven
Plant Based
Scientifically Made
Keto Friendly
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No Synthetic Melatonin | No Added Dairy | Soft-Centered Dark Chocolate
No Added Sugar | Non Habit Forming | No Alcohol

One chocolate 30 minutes before bedtime for Deep Sleep
Recommended for Adults

Restore Your Sleep" is India's 1st Pro-Melatonin dark chocolates that have been scientifically formulated and clinically proven supplements for deep and restful sleep. Our natural herbal blend boosts your body's natural melatonin production, improving sleep quality with zero artificial or synthetic additives. Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning - try this chocolate for sleep tonight!

Why Restore Your Sleep - Supplements For Sleep

Why Restore Your Sleep - Supplements For Sleep
Boosts natural melatonin production to help you relax your muscle and mind before bedtime, regulate your sleep-wake cycles and keep you longer in deep sleep phase.

Easy & Delicious
A delicious dark chocolate for sleep in a vanilla bourbon flavoured bite, hygienically packed in individual packing, made of all-natural plant-based ingredients. Just Open, eat, and sleep!

All natural ingredients ensure no dependence on synthetic additives. Restore Your Sleep ensures that your body remembers that it needs to produce its own supply of melatonin and provides the right ingredients for it to do so.

Mindful Wellness
Resolves underlying issues that cause changes in sleep patterns. It also helps prevent the ill effects of lack of sleep on heart and cognitive health, helps manage stress, and reduces anxiety.

Vanilla Bourbon : These pro melatonin chocolate supplements for sleep have a mouthwatering dark chocolate ganache centre with a smooth, sweet vanilla flavoured filling that has been blended with a woody, oaky smoky flavour
There is no use of alcohol in the preparation or any ingredients in this product.

Powerful isolated bioactives from:Walnut | Valerian Root Extract | St. John's Wort | Passionflower | Nutmeg

Looking for the best supplements for sleepless nights? Look no further than our delectable dark chocolate bites, the perfect addition to your bedtime routine! Our NON-MELATONIN formulation not only reduces the Sleep Onset Latency which helps induce sleep faster but also helps your mind and body relax before bed. And finally prolongs the time you spend in your NREM sleep - Giving you a fresh start to your morning and a whole night of restful sleep. All this without the help of any synthetic Melatonin

Our formulation is packed with natural sleep-inducing ingredients like

  • Walnuts are rich in Free Melatonin and Tryptophans, which help induce the production of natural Melatonin in the body.
  • Passionflower calms and relaxes the mind,
  • Nutmeg and St John’s Wort are rich sources of Serotonin.
  • Valerian Root helps influence the Circadian Rhythm giving you a restful night of deep sleep.

These ingredients synergistically work towards enhancing your sleep in a multi layer approach:

  • On your GABA pathways, to help induce a feeling of peace, relaxation, and calmness and reduces Sleep Onset Latency (time taken to fall asleep)
  • By encouraging and increasing the natural production of melatonin in the pineal gland in your brain, thereby regulating your body’s circadian rhythm.
  • By allowing your body to remain longer in the NREM stage 3 sleep phase. It is during this stage that your cells are repaired and rebuilt, hormones secreted to promote bone and muscle growth, and your immunity strengthened.

Not only do our bites induce a feeling of peace and calmness, they also regulate your body's circadian rhythm and help you stay longer in the coveted NREM stage 3 sleep phase. This phase is crucial for repairing cells, secreting hormones, and strengthening immunity

Unlike other sleep supplements that rely on synthetic melatonin, our bites promote natural melatonin production, ensuring you get a good night's rest without any artificial additives.

Say goodbye to counting sheep and hello to deep, restful sleep and fresh mornings with our delicious dark chocolate bites. Try them now and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

A study was undertaken using volunteers (75 Nos. between the ages of 18-55+ years) over a period of 15 days to evaluate the effectiveness of Restore your Sleep chocolates. Participants were provided with 7 Nos. of chocolates of size 10g to be consumed over a period of 15 days. Studies were conducted to document sleep quality and quantity, sleep latency and changes to sleep patterns from prior to the commencement of the study. Study period with gaps were added to ascertain retention of circadian rhythm. Participants were asked to maintain records of their sleep patterns on wash out nights as well. The summary of the evaluation are as below:

Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire (LSEQ) Score
LSEQ was designed to assess changes in sleep quality over the course of a trial period. The scale evaluates four domains: ease of initiating sleep, quality of sleep, ease of waking, and behaviour following wakefulness. Total LSEQ Score ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 being the worst sleep quality and health overall. The average scores by the groups for

Ease of Initiating Sleep 4.17
Quality of Sleep 4.24
Ease of Waking up 4.77
Post wakefulness 4.84

Sleep Onset Latency (SOL)
The average SOL for the entire group reduced by 30 mins from 48 mins to 18 mins on the days of consumption of the Chocolates. On the washout days during the trial period, the SOL was lower by an average of 12 mins from the pre-trial SOL.

Total Sleep Time (TST)
The average TST for the entire group increased by 1 hours 48 mins and on washout days of the trial period, the TST stands increased by 50 mins.

Sleep Efficiency
The average Sleep Efficiency for the entire group was improved by 5.49% with an additional TST of 1 hours 48 mins.

Here are somethings to consider before you start Restore your Sleep

  1. NO Screen Time after consumption - The product considerably reduces your SOL (sleep onset latency) or the time it takes for you to fall asleep. However you need to be able to support the product to do its job, by eliminating all white or blue light emitting sources, such as screens, white tube lights in the house after consumption. This means no peeking at the phone, laptop or watching TV. Yellow lights work well, so replace your bedside reading light to a yellow bulb and settle in with a nice book.
  2. If you are already on sleep aids, your body may take a little longer to respond. Give Restore your Sleep a few days to work until your body gets back to its regular melatonin production. We have great success testimonies of people regaining their circadian rhythm even after using strong sleep medications and 10mg melatonin dependencies
  3. Please do not use Restore your sleep on nights after copious amounts of alcohol consumption. The Tryptophan (from walnuts) in the formulation converts into serotonin which helps the production of Melatonin in the pineal gland. Alcohol is a nervous system depressant which, when it enters the bloodstream releases serotonin and dopamine - a combination that creates excitement and restlessness. So while alcohol may help cause immediate drowsiness, it greatly disrupts the production of Melatonin and causes disruptions to the sleep cycles.

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Who is this for?

If you find it difficult to fall asleep every night and are counting sheep till the wee hours, this product is for you. If you are yawning and lethargic in the middle of the day, this product is for you. If you wake up tired most mornings, this product is for you. If you want to sleep better and conquer the world, you are in the right place and this product most certainly is for you!

These supplements for sleep are beneficial for all of us adults who don't get enough nutrients from food to maintain appropriate levels of melatonin and serotonin. Instead of pumping the body with synthetic melatonin, these pro-melatonin sleep chocolates aim to kickstart natural melatonin production in your body. Remember, the aim is to ensure your body functions the way it needs to. With natural plant-based ingredients, in the right quantities and quality, Restore Your Sleep is the best sleep supplement in India meant to give you sound sleep and more productive and healthy days, weeks and years. Go get your chocolate for sleep.



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