"Health is the greatest gift."
- Buddha
Healthy Gifting

Gifting is a silent way of sharing the love with the ones you care for. Gifts should be thoughtful, memorable and useful. With the rise in lifestyle diseases and stress most people prefer giving meaningful gifts, and what could be more meaningful that the gift of health. Healthy giftings suggest the kind of life you want your loved ones to live. 


Our delectable Candyceuticals in their brightly packaged boxes need little dressing to make them the perfect gifting option for you. Download our latest gift edit catalogue here to see the endless possibilities of health, caring and love, packed in the most minimalistic, elegant and attractive wrappings.

CORPORATE GIFTING: Corporate gifting is not a new concept. Earlier gifts from a company were limited to festivals or to celebrating a landmark achieved by an employee. Companies we are currently working with consider corporate gifting as an extension of employee engagement, employee experience and brand communication with their vendors and stake holders. With so much riding on a corporate gift, healthy gifting or gifts promoting health have come into the limelight.

We have helped several companies curate healthy gifting options for:

Employee Onboarding | Employee achievement milestones | Festival gifting | Work Anniversary | Gratitude gifting | Mergers | Onboarding new clients

Every major milestone or important life event in you celebrating your stake holders with healthy gifts that add a personal touch and is not only most thoughtful but also memorable.

OUR PACKAGING: Make a statement the next time you give a gift with one of our creative gift-wrapping ideas that friends and family will love. Caim by årelang gift wraps are finely curated, elegant and complemented with ribbons and embellishments to suit the gifting occasion to make them luxury.

EXPRESS YOUR STYLE and BRIGHTEN UP THE AMBIENCE: For Festive gifting, make stylish additions to your healthy gifting with a luxurious range of ornamental candles, votives etc and personalizing the gifting experience further. Once you have decided what you want to gift from our range of healthy delectable Candyceuticals, you can contact us on our customer care number and we will be happy to work with you to customize your gifts to your style and preferences.

Our gift edit 2023

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