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Revolutionizing the way you eat your nutraceutical supplements in the form of delicious low-calorie and sugar-free confectionery.

Our Candyceuticals

Pro-Melatonin Formula for Deep Sleep

Metabolism | Hair | Skin | Digestion

Reduce Hair Fall | Antioxidant | Immunity

Eases Menstrual & Menopausal Discomforts

Enhances Mood, Performance & Energy

Pro-Melatonin Formula for Deep Sleep

Eases Menstrual & Menopausal Discomforts

Perfect Combo for Hair, Skin & Immunity

Perfect Combo for Improving Energy & Restoring Sleep


"Love the taste and it simply energizes me! These delicious sugar-free chocolates have all natural ingredients that can only help. It’s been 5 weeks now that I have been on the Rekindle for women and I feel more energetic through the day, I sleep better through the night, my concentration has increased and I wake up fresh every morning. My body calls for it every night before I go to bed."

DR. ANAHITA PANDOLE, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician (Breach Candy Hospital)

"I have been having the Rekindle for men for the past couple of weeks and Im totally amazed with how much my energy levels have increased through the day. These chocolates taste delicious and I cannot believe they have no sugar in them. Low calorie, sugar free DELICIOUS chocolates that have made me focus better at work, get me great sleep at the end of my day, give me more energy - you guys definitely got it right! Plus they make me so happy that I can eat a chocolate everyday without feeling guilty of empty calories!"


"Its been few weeks that I am having the Rekindle for men and strongly believe that although it is so more than just a tasty dark chocolate, its unique bitterness is more lovable than any other sweet chocolate or dessert. I could feel the reduction in stress level and great energy level throughout the day, within a few days of my program. I look forward to having my daily dose every night and can’t wait to see more of the results unfold."


"The Rekindle Men and Women have done wonders for us. We loved the orange zest and PE.CA.NO Rekindle bars! These bars have been quite the treat, not just for the taste but for everything. Within the first week of consumption there was a total uplift in our moods and energy levels. Within two weeks, we saw changes in how our bodies felt. I was pleasantly surprised to see no PMS symptoms and cramping. And for us as a couple - let’s just say this chocolate is now our bedside stash."

SHAGUFTA & VIKRAM GUPTA, Digital Marketing Consultant | Film Director

"I am the founder emeritus of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High. I stepped away to build a happiness curriculum that is about purpose, alignment, creating and being in a peak state. In order to do that, I myself have to be in that state and I am thrilled that Rekindle for women, is helping me do just that. These chocolates that are scientifically made and have helped elevate happiness as a state for me. If there is something as yummy as Rekindle for women, to help release that, it makes me a brand evangelist. Chocolate is known to contain mood-lifting chemicals that helps the brain produce serotonin. Rekindle is a moonshot version of a chocolate. It is the 10X we are all looking for. If eating a chocolate, leads to happiness, a 10X version of it as a Rekindle chocolate is pure bliss. It has helped me stay in a state of joy and flow and I am well on my way to building my happiness curriculum."

LINA ASHAR, Founder Korroboree

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Why choose us?

In a world full of supplements, who are we even? Well, we are people whose bodies are going through the same biological journeys as many of you - lack of energy, inadequate diets, age, cell degeneration, menopause, andropause, stress, and the relentlessness of modern lifestyles. All these issues and much more.

But why Caim by årelang? For starters, we decided to keep our products completely chemical free and plant-based only. Which means we use no Enzymes, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Chemical concoctions or API drugs in our formulations.

Our supplements, in the form of delicious confectionery, use ingredients in quantities that your body can recognize and absorb. We give it just as much as it needs to start functioning in full swing. No, not overnight. But with consistency, and in due course of time.

Our research is so fundamentally sound, that we have used plant-based ingredients to produce formulations that will allow the body to optimally function the way it was meant to, by making them more Bioavailable to the body, using only Potent Plant-Based ingredients and ensuring that the final product is Result-Oriented.

Our ingredients are completely traceable, NON-GMO, and our products are sugar conscious, supremely healthy, utterly delicious and we absolutely love them!

But hey! What we’re doing is nothing new. Our ancients carefully handpicked each ingredient to create wholesome, nutritious, and tasty foods. We’re only restarting the trend and making it a whole lot more fun & delicious for you!.

So go out there and take the world by storm. We’ll take care of everything else.

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