Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men
Rekindle for Men

Rekindle for Men

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Net Weight: 300g = 15g x 20 units

Best Bedside Chocolates for Adult Men | Increase in Energy, Virility, Stamina | Naturally Boosts Man Hormones | Reduce Stress & Anxiety | Reduce Belly Fat & Increase Lean Muscle Gain | Mood Enhancer

No Synthetic Testosterone
Sugar Free
Plant Based
scientifically made
Doctor Recommended
Keto Friendly
Dairy Free

1 Chocolate 30 minutes post dinner
Use for 8-12 weeks to see optimal results

Rekindle for Men is a unique blend of clinically tested, natural, plant-based extracts meant to give you these essential nutrients to boost ‘man’ hormone levels naturally, giving the immune system a boost, getting the energy levels and stamina up, supporting hormonal health, elevating the mood, reducing stress levels and finally providing the focus needed to keep you sharp at work and home.

Rekindle for Men has utilized ingredients like Ashwagandha to help reduce stress and anxiety, Ginseng to help increase endurance and sexual wellness, Safed Musli to enhance overall virility, Kapikachhu to help calm the nerves and improve focus, and Saffron extract which works as a strong antioxidant and has the ability to enhance mood.

Combined into one delicious sugar-free chocolate bar, this powerful blend boosts male hormones and thereby improves overall energy, making them the perfect bedside chocolates for Men to help Rekindle that missing spark!

The architecture of our product has just the right proportions of potent extracts that have high bioavailability, that your body can recognize and is able to optimally absorb without stressing out your liver and kidneys in the process.

We recommend one bar a day, post dinner, consistently consumed over a period of 8-12 weeks, to see and feel optimal benefits.

Testosterone is the major androgen hormone in men. It is essential for the development of male growth and masculine characteristics like development of male organs, deepening of the voice, appearance of facial and body hairs, muscle size and strength, bone growth and repair and even passion. They peak during the adolescent years in men, so from 16-25 years. And post 30, these male hormone levels gradually start to decline at a rate of 1-2% each year, and more rapidly in the 40s. This is a natural biological response to ageing.

But did you know that testo levels in young men these days sometimes don’t even peak as they should, due to their lifestyles and nutritional deficiencies?

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include reduced body and facial hair, loss of muscle mass; low passion levels, impotence, increased man breasts, hot flashes, irritability, poor concentration and depression, brittle bones and an increased risk of fractures and throw in large measures of low energy, strength, lethargy and procrastination which deeply impacts immunity.

Therefore boosting these hormone levels in men helps greatly with enhancing their masculine features like increased energy and motivation levels, better facial and body hair, deeper voice, more sculpted muscles, reduction of belly fat, better mood, more stamina, passion, and finally rekindling that missing spark!

Rekindle for Men are sugarfree dark chocolates made with 9 potent plant based ingredients to help boost the male hormone production in your body with ingredients like the saponins from Safed Musli for endurance and vitality. The withanolides in Ashwagandha reduce cortisol and boost male hormone production. The ginsenosides in Ginseng help increase stamina. Protodioscin in Gokhru support reproductive health. The phytoestrogens in Vidarikand regulates hormonal pathways and enhances the passion quotient. The Levo DOPA in Kapikacchu reduces prolactin and increases dopamine levels to support better mood. The myristicin in Jaiphal helps reduce anxiety. The Flavonoids in Ginkgo enhance blood circulation, mental clarity, and overall vitality in men. And finally the crocin in Saffron elevates mood.

Here are somethings to expect once you start Rekindle for Men

For optimal results, the product should be taken for a minimum of 8-10 weeks and here's what to expect:

  • Week 1: Increased energy levels
  • Week 2: Improved focus and sleep patterns
  • Week 3: Higher energy levels, better workouts, improved mood, increased virility End of Month 3: Leaner, fitter, more energetic YOU. Better mood, more focus and happier interpersonal relationships

Enjoy these benefits in a delicious chocolate bar instead of bitter pills and medicines.


The study was undertaken in human volunteers self administering 1 bar of Rekindle of Men per day for a period of 90 days in the age group of 25-55 years. The study was undertaken to determine the testosterone level pre and post administration of Rekindle for Men containing potent saponins. The study outcome indicates that the testosterone levels have been increased for all the age group after consuming the Rekindle for Men chocolate. The overall average increase of testosterone was found to be more than 20% on day 90 as compared to the recorded Day 0 levels before consuming the Rekindle for Men chocolates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 113 reviews
Avinash P
Best work out supplement

I bought this product to try the chocolate out and was not sure if it would work. A week or so after starting it off as after dinner dessert, my trainer told me that my work outs were getting better and my stamina had improved. I did not notice it myself until he told me. Then I saw that my days were filled with more energy. I would get exhausted by 8/8.30 in the evenings and after taking these chocolates I was still not tired even at 10 in the night. It helped me even regulate my sleep. The taste is good, one suggesting to cut down some of the excessive packing that comes with the courier. Other than that great job!

Usmaan Mohammad
very good product

taste is superb and it also give energy to me i will order again

Amrit Asthana
Product is good - chocolate came melted

Everything from the packing and the design and the flavour of the chocolate was great. My order number is #2462 and the package was delivered late, the chocolates had melted slightly and the box was damaged. It was a cash on delivery order and I know that Mr Zain from your company had contacted us for another delivery attempt and it was finally delivered on monday but maybe if you could keep more ice, this problem would not have happened. Thank you

Chirag B
Work out vala testosterone

I work out and used to have testosterone boosters regularly. Helped with energy but voh guilty feeling gaya nai. My trainer showed me this chocolate. I have been having it for over 3 months now. I really like this Rekindle for Men chocolates. Taste is fantastic and also my performance has improved. It took 4-5 days after I started to eat them to show increase in energy, strength, endurence. After one month my performace become much better. I like the coffee chocolate taste best.

Indrakumar Solanki
Ate a chocolate guilt free after many years

I have diabetes and I dont remember the last time I ate a chocolate without feeling guilty. The coffee chocolate was slightly bitter and creamy and I for the first time in a really long time felt zero guilt. Its 70 Kcal per chocolate - is that right?

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How will it benefit me?

If you are looking for the best mood-enhancing and energy booster supplements, try this product now. Here’s why

  1. Battling age related stress, lashes out both mentally as well as physically on you. It sets off a chain reaction of lowered energy, reduced stamina and immunity.
  2. Biologically men start to deplete testosterone levels by about 2% each year post age 30 – this rate increases faster due to stress and lifestyle choices. This results in lowered drive and earlier onset of andropause which leads to a sullen mood and more stress.
  3. Men! If you are ready to fight tooth and nail with the ill effects of andropause, if you feel like your energy is chipping away bit by bit and if you are willing to make low testosterone a thing of the past, Rekindle for Men is the best energy booster supplement that should be your partner in crime. Whether you want to bring back your mojo, feel energetic again or just boost your immunity and virility, these low sugar, calorie conscious cocoa bars will give you all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to perform the way it should - all plant-based so that your body can recognize and absorb the ingredients and allow it to function the way it is meant to.
  4. We recommend one cocoa bar a day an hour before you hit the bed, for optimal absorption. Continue consumption for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks to get the best results you seek.
  5. Rekindle for Men can help with:
    Boosting energies | Increasing Stamina | Delaying the effects of Andropause | Sleep Better | Focus more