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Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep
Men & Sleep

Men & Sleep

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Net Weight: Men: 300g (15g x 20N Bars) | Sleep (100g - 10g x 10 units)

Increased energy levels | Enhanced mood | For a restful night's sleep | Improves sleep cycles

Keto Friendly
No Artifical Ingredients
Gluten Free
sugar free options
Plant Based

Product Information

The two most common side effects of stress are sleep problems and low energy levels, resulting in impaired body functions. And we all know how important it is in the 21st century to be at our 100%. 
So what's the fix for this? A naturally made solution for you!
Introducing our Rekindle and Restore Your Sleep combo!


This energy booster is a men's health supplement in the form of a sugar free dark chocolate made up of a unique blend of clinically tested, natural, plant-based extracts meant to give:
- Essential man vitamins that boost Performance.
- Boosts energy levels and stamina.
- Elevates mood..


Restore Your Sleep is a Vanilla Bourbon flavoured, centre-filled dark chocolate bite made with the perfect blend of all-natural, plant-based ingredients that help boost natural melatonin production in the body. Unlike melatonin gummies, these pro-melatonin sleep chocolates use no added synthetic melatonin.
They help:
- Boosts natural melatonin production.
- Works on the GABA pathway to relax your mind and muscles.
- Prolongs the deep sleep phase of sleep
- Reboot the circadian rhythm.

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How will it benefit me?

If you are looking for the best mood-enhancing and energy booster supplements, try this product now. Here’s why

  1. Battling age related stress, lashes out both mentally as well as physically on you. It sets off a chain reaction of lowered energy, reduced stamina and immunity.
  2. Biologically men start to deplete testosterone levels by about 2% each year post age 30 – this rate increases faster due to stress and lifestyle choices. This results in lowered drive and earlier onset of andropause which leads to a sullen mood and more stress.
  3. Men! If you are ready to fight tooth and nail with the ill effects of andropause, if you feel like your energy is chipping away bit by bit and if you are willing to make low testosterone a thing of the past, Rekindle for Men is the best energy booster supplement that should be your partner in crime. Whether you want to bring back your mojo, feel energetic again or just boost your immunity and virility, these low sugar, calorie conscious cocoa bars will give you all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to perform the way it should - all plant-based so that your body can recognize and absorb the ingredients and allow it to function the way it is meant to.
  4. We recommend one cocoa bar a day an hour before you hit the bed, for optimal absorption. Continue consumption for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks to get the best results you seek.
  5. Rekindle for Men can help with:
    Boosting energies | Increasing Stamina | Delaying the effects of Andropause | Sleep Better | Focus more