PMS can turn even the most even-tempered person into a cranky mess! But, whatever the symptom may be for you, did you know that the only reason for any PMS symptom is because your body is undergoing hormonal imbalances. Yes, as simple as a Hormonal Imbalance, can lead to you experiencing the worst nightmares of PMS. And what if there was a single delicious way to tackle the root cause of all your symptoms head-on? Welcome, Rekindle for Women, the ultimate dark chocolate designed to turn cranky into funky by targeting the basic root cause of all PMS: hormonal imbalance.
Collagen has become increasingly popular, appearing in powders, pills, and various skincare products. But what exactly is collagen, and why is it vital for our bodies? More importantly, is the hype on collagen supplements warranted, or are there more effective ways to enhance your collagen levels? Let's explore the facts behind collagen and its supplementation to uncover the truth.

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July each year - here is wishing you a Happy Chocolate Day! Before we jump into the present day, let's travel back into the archives to the origin of what we know today as CHOCOLATE. Did you know that the Olmecs back in 1500-400 BC, were the first humans to consume chocolate, originally in the form of a drink. They crushed the cocoa beans, mixed them with water and added spices, chillies and herbs to make the drink.

So, you’ve hit that fabulous age where wisdom lines your face, and confidence fills your stride. But suddenly, your waistline seems to be having a party that you didn’t sign up for. Welcome to menopause belly - It’s that frustrating midsection weight gain that seems to pop up out of nowhere as you go through menopause.
I am overwhelmed with a rush of memories and emotions that inevitably lead me to think of my father. He has been my steadfast hero, my guiding star, and the unwavering wind beneath my wings. Me, like every other kid, would say one thing - ‘I have the best father in the world!’ Wow! Those are big shoes to fill with a world full of the best dads, today as we celebrate Fathers day, cherishing the love we have for the ‘best dad’ in the whole world - yours and mine!
Struggling with weight management is a common challenge for so many of us, and often leading us to explore countless diets, supplements,  and wellness trends in search of a perfect solution. Amidst these numerous options, one protein is rising to prominence not only for its well-known beauty benefits but also for its potential in weight management — COLLAGEN. Let’s find out how!!
Vitamin P is a term that was once used for a group of plant compounds called flavonoids or bioflavonoids (bio as in plant-based), found in fruits, vegetables, tea, cocoa, and wine. They give certain foods their colour, provide plants with UV protection and protect them against infections, and offer several health benefits. Buckle up and get set to tread on a journey through this colourful world that will help you to revolutionise your health and wellness.
First things first - this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day theme: Breaking the Stigma, together for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld. It's all about recognizing the challenges that women face during menstruation—think cramps, over-bleeding, mood swings, and that general feeling of blah that comes with Aunt Flo's monthly visit. And let's not forget about those suffering from conditions like PCOD, Perimenopause, Postpartum, which can throw even more curveballs into the mix, dragging the body through irregular periods, acne and mood swings galore.