Keep it Pumpin'

Keep it Pumpin'


This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

Your libido is important, don’t neglect it. But what is libido?

Your sex drive, sensuality, sexual desire and the very reason you feel like getting it on, is your libido. And believe it or not, as much as you think it depends on external factors and other stuff that you think you are attracted to, your need and want to have sex comes from the hormones in your body and your overall mood. In fact, physicians across the world believe that your libido is the most important indicator of your state of your mind and the quality and health of your life. What, could this be true? YES, it is bona fide! 

Most of us go through lowered libido phases, but not all of us want to talk about it. But given that it is completely reversible, it is really something that we should be talking about. And no, it doesn’t only happen to men. Women go through it all the time too.

Now, when you are younger, you don’t realize the difference in your sexual appetite all that much. But the more birthdays you celebrate, the lower your libido gets. Okay okay, we don’t mean to scare you. As we mentioned, this is completely reversible! But before we deep dive into how you can boost your dwindling libido, first let’s find out what fuels the dulling spark in your relationship.

There are a lot of reasons that could attribute to a lowered sex drive, but here are some of the most common things that affect it:

  • Lowering levels of testosterone for men. Lowering levels of estrogen in women. And not all of these are age related.
  • Constant stress, whether its work, home life, family. Researchers have found that the stress hormones can lessen sexual desire and drive.
  • Performance Anxiety – premature ejaculation or painful sex can lower libido and desire.
  • Fatigue – feeling too tired for sex is common.
  • Lack of time and privacy – the demands of work and home life may not leave enough time for intimacy and sex, especially in Indian homes where most people live in joint families
  • Familiarity over Fantasy – a couple’s desire for sex tends to lessen over time as the act in itself becomes more predictable
  • Sexual Incompatibility – when partners do not meet the others sexual appetite or expectations
  • Depression – can cause tiredness, lack of motivation, feeling sad and withdrawing from activities, including sex
  • Exercise – either too much or too little can cause a loss of sex drive
  • Medications including some supplements that can lessen the desire for intimacy
  • Lack of nutritious food & specific micronutrients (Click Here) that your body needs to function properly
  • Age-related and other hormonal changes
  • Menopause & Andropause
  • Lack of physical exercise and lethargy
  • Erratic & insufficient sleep schedules, usually caused by stress and hormonal imbalances

The causes enlisted are the just some of the major undoers of your mood and ability to be sexually aroused. But some of the simple things of the everyday like the drive back home in traffic, the undercooked meal at home, your child sharing your room or even the news person screaming through your TV, could set your mood back from sharing intimacy with your partner.

Of course, the external circumstances can at most times be controlled but the internal desire to want intimacy still needs to be fueled. Good nutrition from herbs that will specifically help lift the spirits and provide nourishment to your hormones, Adaptogenic foods that will boost your energy and enhance your mood, give you better sleep and provide energy when needed, are the best fixes for the internal repair you most certainly require.

Here is what your body needs to fix a lowering libido:

  1. Foods that are aphrodisiacs like:
        • Berries, especially strawberries • Artichoke • Asparagus • Watermelon • Chillies • Figs • Chocolate • Oysters
    1. Foods’s rich in B6 and Folic Acid:
          • Avocados • Legumes • Brussel Sprouts
      1. Age old natural plant-based foods:
            • Ashwagandha • Ginseng • Coffee • Saffron • Maca Root
        1. Eat your daily herbs:
              • Garlic • Basil
          1. Lay low on the alcohol
          2. Take time to destress and unwind
          3. Regularize sleep and drink ample of water

          The list sure does look overwhelming but we’ve formulated the perfect chocolate with the most mouth-watering flavours, packed with natural plant-based adaptogenic nutrients that will not only elevate your mood but will enhance your energy levels, stamina, endurance and get you back into your regulated sleep pattern. And when eaten consistently will help boost your libido and really reignite that passion (Click Here).


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