New Year, New Love.

New resolution to be healthy


This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

Good days and bad, breaking resolutions, keeping resolutions. Of lockdowns, binge eating, stress eating, and more. Health scares, meeting people, staying in, staying out. 2021. The year, that was. Of course, ringing in 2022 was not all 'the wind in my hair, butterflies in the tummy.' It was scary. We realized we were walking into another lockdown, and covid was back again. But none of this stopped us from making resolutions. Especially those about eating healthier, working out, a better job, more money, more friends. The list is endless. But the one thing that is common to all these? The fact that almost no one will remember their resolutions, let alone stick to them.

That is human. Almost all of us are hard on ourselves. We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves. Well, who doesn't want to be the best version of themselves, right? So we keep making resolutions not just on new year's eve but throughout the year. And it is not that we can't stick to them. We do want to. But to do that, we need to take baby steps in the right direction. Make small resolutions that are possible to keep, in today’s day and age. So, we took the liberty of putting together a list that works for us. We do hope this works for you too.

  1. Make good memories this year. The last two years have gone by in a blur owing to covid, everyday the same environment, lockdown, work from home!. So, this year resolve to make good memories with your loved ones. Tell those you love, that you love them. Speak more often to your parents and kids and give your friends that long-pending phone call.
  2. Do not make losing weight and looking a certain way a priority. Beauty standards are flawed. Instead, work towards a healthier version of yourself. Resolve to eat better, look after your body and give it the correct nutrients and vitamins that it needs to feel all the love. Eat fresh foods, stay away from artificial supplements and pills. Make yourself a body that can sustain your life and everything that modern-day lifestyles bring it. (Our new year resolution last year was to make sure all of you look at life this way. We stuck to it. That is why Caim by årelang and our Candyceuticals came into being. You know, baby steps. So we and everyone around us can make a body that is healthy, wealthy, and wiser.)
  3. Ditch the guilt. Make self-love and self-care a priority. Guilt-free love and time for yourself. For your body and the temple that it is.
  4. Practice gratitude and spread the love. Be grateful for the body that you live in. The people around you. Nature. The home that gives you comfort.
  5. Strive for happiness because success will come anyway. Make mental health a priority.

The list is endless, but these, according to us, are the key to a happier version of yourself. If you can check even one of these off your resolution list through the year, everything else will be an easy win. A helluva success. Have a Super Healthy Start to 2022!

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