Sex after menopause! Yes, It can be fun!

Sex after menopause! Yes, It can be fun!


This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

Sex is the most natural and innate desire of us humans. When we are younger, our libido a.k.a our sex drive is highest when we are ovulating, thanks to the high estrogen production. The result is a very aroused you, a well-lubricated vagina, an overall good mood, and a desire to get it on with your partner. As we grow older, our ovaries produce fewer eggs, and estrogen levels start dropping. Because of all the menopause symptoms, we also start to lose interest in all things sexual, mostly because our hormones are all over the place, moods are sullen and you are never lubricated enough which makes sex a more painful experience than pleasurable. And no! This isn't just with you, it is a collective experience all of us women undergo.

Technically, sex after menopause should be more enjoyable, because you are no longer scared about getting pregnant or getting on your period mid-action, or skipping it altogether. On the bright side, sex is more recreational now than ever before. Of course, the frequency will be lower, and age is a devil and all. But intimacy and sex can be great even after you cross your forties. It’s just a few adjustments and tweaks and you are good to go.

But before we tell you about the adjustments, let’s get down to the basics - what happens to your body when you hit your 40s and 50s? A known fact is that estrogen production drops. (We’ve done a whole blog on this, here) But a lesser-known fact is that the body that you knew, loved and that loved you back for the past 40 years or so is undergoing lots of changes. As minor as the changes seem, they wreak havoc. Hot sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, bloating, painful intercourse, decreased energy levels, deteriorating sleep quality, deteriorating overall health. To top that, present-day lifestyles, the stress from every day, and the lack of time do not help make things better. It’s like a round of squid game - every day!

As frightening as it sounds, this is a resolvable problem. Whoever said sex as you age reduces, needs to take a backseat and read what we are about to tell you.

Building intimacy is not a real problem. With a little effort, conversations about likes and dislikes, toys, and such, you can make the whole process much more enjoyable, as it should be. But there is another very important thing that needs to change so that you can slow the process of aging down and take things up a notch. Although age has a major role to play, your estrogen levels are something you can control and manage. The food you eat needs to be more important than it has ever been before. Given our diets today and a serious lack of time, it is impossible to get all the right stuff in to be able to get the ‘right stuff’ going. If your body lacks essential vitamins and minerals that it gets from the food you feed it, it cannot function like a well-oiled machine. This is why supplementing with natural plant-based nutrients and vitamins that help replenish your body has become increasingly important, so you can rekindle that dying spark. Remember: you need to feed your estrogen to feel all the love again.

To get aroused it takes more than just a partner. Your body needs to have the right food to put you in a better mood and be lubricated enough to get it on. Adaptogens and natural plant-based nutrients help all menopausal symptoms so you can feel sexy, promote blood flow to all the right parts, reduce dryness and you can go back to more youthful days. Here are a few natural ingredients that make the perfect recipe for a good sex life:

  • Flaxseed - have phyto-estrogenic plant extracts that help promote estrogen production in the body
  • Shatavari - Delays the onset of aging and promoted estrogen production
  • Saffron - a natural aphrodisiac that also enhances your mood
  • Black Cohosh - boosts energy and stamina, elevates mood
  • Panax Ginseng - Improves stamina and overall brain function
  • Soy Isoflavones - These phytoestrogens help delay onset of aging and support brain function
  • Dark Chocolate - a natural aphrodisiac

Now, we know this list looks like it’s too much. But you don't need to go out looking for these. Our Rekindle sugar free dark chocolate for women support estrogen production with all these ingredients in potent and quality doses so your body can feel all the love and can Rekindle your path to passion.

Ladies! You have adjusted to a lot of your body’s changes over the years that you have lived with it. When you hit puberty, you got used to getting your period, the cramping, the changes your body went through etc. A few adjustments and you were set to take your teenage years by storm. When you became sexually active and had a baby, you adjusted to all the new hormones that came with it and continued to live life. Just like that, when you hit menopause, don’t give up. It’s just a new chapter in your body's story. You have the choice to either flip the page or slam it shut. Don’t slam down the book of intimacy, and give yourself the time to make a little shift to accept these new changes in your body. Sex CAN and WILL be enjoyable at this age too.

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