Like every smooth-functioning machine, our body needs the support of multiple hormones to run adroitly. While estrogen is an important sex hormone for reproduction and maturation in women, androgens like testosterone in women are precursors for estrogen synthesis, amongst other functions.
If you're making a resolution this year, it's likely because you want to make changes in your life or your behaviour. But any resolution is only as good as the effort you put into them. They aren't actionable and don't have much value if they're not quantifiable—which means that they will either be forgotten or never achieved. Result - failure!
Age-old propaganda has pushed muscular and strong men as the archetype of masculinity in India and beyond. Muscular men have become the poster boys for macho-ness, strength, and attractiveness. That is the biggest reason behind the ‘steroids for the muscle-building industry'. But do steroids work? Do they do more harm than good? Let us evaluate.
Mindful eating has abundant health benefits. Paying attention and intention while consuming food (ideally easy to digest food) ensures a proper food digestion process along with holistic nutritional benefits. The process of digestion begins with the cephalic phase, which is even before we put food in our mouths. It involves the brain seeing, smelling & anticipating food. Just like when you smell a cake baking in the oven that makes your mouth water. 
Estrogen levels can impact women in many ways. Here's how to reverse the impact of estrogen dominance and avoid PCOS, PCOD, menopause and other period related symptoms.
Hair fall and male pattern baldness seem to pass off as a usual phenomenon when men start aging. But is it THAT usual? What causes this? And why should men not accept it for the way it is? Let's discuss this in detail.
If the immune system works efficiently, it does an extraordinary job of defending the body. But if weak, the same immune system can increase the risk of delayed wound healing, and other infectious ailments and infections. It is important to understand multivitamins for good health and immunity for this reason.
Humankind has specific deficiency-lead problems that can only be resolved with specific nutrients in quantities that are specific - not more, not less. Synthetic vitamins and minerals in amounts that are not ideal can never be absorbed correctly by the body. They end up doing more harm than good.
Men can have menopause too. It's called Andropause and is characterized by a drop in testosterone levels as men age. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Testosterone levels in men deplete at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 30. This is a biological phenomenon and it is compounded further by lifestyle influences, increasing the rate to 2-4% - which is rapid!