Do not make losing weight and looking a certain way a priority. Instead, work towards a healthier version of yourself.

Food is an essential part of our lives.

But can supplements do what food does? Can they completely replace food?

Intimacy and sex can be great even after you cross your forties.

It’s just a few adjustments and tweaks and you are good to go.

Ladies! Are your PMS symptoms out of wack - bloating, moodswings, pain? Well, let's start with being able to kiss goodbye to all these awful feelings goodbye!

Sleep is one of the most crucial factors in the algorithm of a healthy life.

One could say almost as important and vital as a balanced diet and regular exercise.

So Betty bought some butter but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better. But did she make it better?

Genetically Modified Organisms Or GMO, a much-disputed topic. Some say they are bad for you, some say they are good for you. So let’s deep dive into what GMOs are and why there is such hoopla about it!

Getting into healthy habits today; salads, fruits, replacing meals and fad diets, may not entirely solve or reverse the damage already done to our bodies.

And here's why:

Once upon a time, you ate some food, and that spiked the levels of sugar in your blood.

What happens after that is what this story is about.