The Magic Of Black Cohosh

The Magic Of Black Cohosh


This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

No, this isn’t 'abracadabra'. This is more than just voodoo. This is black cohosh. And when we talk about it, we mean real business. When God gave women their period, God also gave earth this magical herb known as Black Cohosh. See? Balance in nature, balance in everything. But why do we keep calling this magic? Is it magical though? Does it do anything? What even is it? Read on! We tell you all about this magic herb and why it should be in your pantry already.

Scientifically known as Actaea racemosa, Black Cohosh is gaining immense popularity in modern medicine. Grown in North America and Canada, this plant has been used for centuries to treat an array of health issues. With enough scientific research it is now used in modern-day supplements and nutraceuticals as an active ingredient. All with good reason.

Black Cohosh is a phytoestrogen, and has a naturally occurring plant-based compound known as Fukinolic acid, that mimics the effect of estrogen in the body. Additionally, Black cohosh contains active ingredients such as serotonin-like compounds that help with the feel good hormone and is packed with tannins, triterpenes, essential fatty acids, isoflavones, and starches. But, why would you need an external source of estrogen? Your body produces enough already, right? Wrong.

Between the ages of 30 and 40 your estrogen levels start dropping, the menstrual cycle starts changing, menopause is coming and your mood could have an 'amusement park' status of its own. Sounds funny, but it's really hard to be a woman plus deal with these issues. The drop in estrogen is a precursor to perimenopause and menopause which come with a load of their own add ons like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, stress, irritability. Hmm, we kept thinking the end of ‘the period’ would mean the end of all bad times. But, as usual, life has plans that we can’t control.

But what if we told you that you CAN control this. As you start to age, your body’s production of estrogen starts to reduce. There are many reasons for this. However, one of the major reasons besides age is a lack of good quality nutrition. ( Which is the main reason for almost all issues you and your body face, and we’ve covered this extensively here) This lack of nutrition and the resulting lack of estrogen in your body harms you in more ways than one. But a huge sigh of relief comes from knowing that if you can eat the right things and give your body the love that it needs, so you can age like fine wine and fine everything else.

Black Cohosh is that sigh of relief. The right thing to eat. The roots and underground stems of this herb have been used in preparations and supplements since time immemorial. They have been studied to alleviate physical and psychological menopausal symptoms by balancing estrogen levels in the human body. Here’s the wonder of this herb:

  1. Alleviates Menstrual issues: helps manage erratic cycles, ease cramps, and improve uterine tone
  2. Is Anti-inflammatory: It is a natural pain reliever because of the naturally occurring salicylic acid content in it. It is the same base that medicines like aspirin use to help manage pain.
  3. Improves vaginal dryness and increases libido
  4. Improves quality of sleep and lowers anxiety
  5. Acts as an adaptogen and helps with mood swings
  6. Helps improve concentration and brain function
  7. Manages hot flashes, a symptom 80% of perimenopausal women in the world face

This is not an exhaustive list, the benefits are plenty - it’s not a surprise that it was historically called Battleroot and made people more fierce and magnificent warriors, right?

There has been plenty of debate about the benefits and potential side effects of this much-revered herb. However, studies have proven that when used in the right quantity and quality, this herb does have a positive effect on people who incorporate it into their diets. So, as we said, it's not just magic. It's science with a touch of magic!

Today, the herb is available in the form of powders, pills, and teas. With Caim by årelang, we have made this herb available to you in the form of a delicious bar of chocolate. With ingredients that help improve overall libido, mood, and estrogen production, Caim’s Rekindle For Women helps women in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s ease menopausal symptoms and increase libido. If taking it up a notch is on your agenda, here’s where you need to be to get your hands on it.

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