5 Must-Haves For A Happy Life

5 Must-Haves For A Happy Life


This article has been researched and written by Arelang Naturals® in-house writers.

A good life is a life well lived. A healthy mind. A healthy body. Happy memories and no regrets. But the key to being able to do all of this and more? A good healthy body that allows you to live life king size.

Even then, health rarely features on anybody's '50 things to do before I die' list. We believe this is a priority. We'll tell you why: 

Modern-day lifestyles are taking a toll on us. In the pursuit of happiness, we neglect the very thing that brings us the highest quality of joy. A healthy functioning mind, body, and soul. 

Food today isn't the powerhouse it once used to be. We know our ancestors lived wholesome lives. As time passed, the happy index deteriorated. Most of that ties back to the food and nutrition we consume today. For perspective, a tomato used to be the size of the modern-day orange pumpkin. Farming practices and more made tomatoes the way they are today. That stands true for most of the food that we eat.  What once packed as much nutrition as a whole dozen would only pack a percentage of essentials today. And yet, we end up picking out the tomatoes from our salad. That is the basis of all our health issues.  

Human beings have also become stress-buffs. Stress and anxiety were supposed to be survival mechanisms to ward off predators and prepare the body to fight or flight. Once the danger vanished, the body was supposed to calm down and relax. Important to note here is the word 'danger.' Today, we stress about impending deadlines, what people think, and more. Not a real danger. That puts our body and mind in 'danger' and takes us a hundred steps away from actual, attainable happiness. 

The top priority for a healthier body, mind, and soul is to get on to supplements. And not just any supplements. Natural, plant-based, thoughtfully crafted candyceuticals that you enjoy eating. Here are five must-haves in your wellness kitty: 

  1. Rekindle For Women: Women have it hard. With periods and menstrual cramps, menopause and lowering libido every month is moodier than the next. But it shouldn't be. When you realize that all these problems link to a deficient diet, that's half the battle won. Rekindle For Women are delectable dark chocolate bars, made of the finest quality and quantity of natural plant-based ingredients that help tackle the ill effects of estrogen depletion in the body. A bar a day helps take it up a notch. Click here for more.  
  2. Rekindle For Men: There is an upward trend and correlation between age and the level of general disinterest in men. The older men get, the higher the chances of depleting testosterone, sullen mood, lack of interest, and lowering libido. Again, all related to nutrition. Rekindle for Men are dark chocolate bars center-filled with ganache and plant-based natural ingredients that kickstart natural testosterone production so you can relive youthful days and rekindle that dying spark. 
  3. Restore Your Sleep: A lack of sleep and. happiness are interlinked. The lesser you sleep, the higher the chances of anxiety, depression, heart and brain health issues, and overall lethargy. Sleeping well is crucial to your well-being. Restore Your Sleep are vanilla-bourbon-flavored dark chocolate bites that help you get in a good nights sleep, so you can be the happy, chirpy morning and all-day person you are to be. 
  4. Replenish With Greens: Essential vitamins and minerals that build your body's immunity and help it function the way it should. These raw mango and Alphonso flavored gummies provide literally all the nutrients and more that one would get from a massive bowl of green leafy vegetables. Good health and immense happiness are just two yummy gummies away. Check them out here. 
  5. Replenish With Phytos: Eating your colored plants and vegetables is as important as eating your greens. These wild forest berry-flavored gummies help reduce oxidative stress and fight off disease-causing pathogens that our body encounters every day. Check them out here. 

 Remember the journey to happiness starts with focusing on wellness. 

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